Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Only if distance Mattered.!

The feeling of getting in the college I always dreamt of was really surreal but still the thought of leaving the Mumbai was killing me deep inside. And obviously how could I just move forward leaving all those memories and moments behind and just shift to not some other state but another part of globe. Everyone seemed so happy and relieved as my parents were really worried about my future like other every parent.

All the thoughts started creeping in mind at once, every scene seemed like just yesterday. Those walks at marine drive, those hang out joints, eating out at the streets, laughing sarcastically with no reason, fighting on nonsense things and than make that up in few minutes; everything minute thing was just so perfect.

I thought of him. I really needed to see him at this instance. It was one of the most important decisions of my life and I really needed him by my side. I wondered what he must be thinking. I was so lost in thoughts and phone rang. I was him.

“Hey,” I tried really hard to sound happy.

“Hi, congrats Beta. You really rocked. I am really so happy for you. You are gem,” my father almost screamed with happiness.

Well, that was weird. He seemed happy; not at all sad about me going away for one whole year.

“Really??” I still wasn’t sure if he’s really happy.

“Yes!! Obviously doll, why would you doubt that! I am really very very happy.” He actually was happy.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“But you don’t sound happy. What is going on? What is wrong?” He was concerned.

“Nothing. Its just, it will be whole one year. Lots of things can change in one year. How can I leave you people and just go,” I felt so dumb as soon I finished my sentence since my father is very hale and hearty. He is serving in Indian Navy and is as strong as a rock.

“Think of the day you will return after you graduate. Think how happy we all will be. Get out of the trap baby; be happy and relax. Trust me we will be fine, just perfectly fine,” and he laughed.

“If you say so,” I replied.

“Perfect. So I am coming home to meet you all and I NEED TO SEE YOU SMILING, you understand?” and I felt relaxed.

The stress was eased to an extent. Still I was a little worried but that nothing in front of the happiness I gave everyone. I got up to move out, after all had lots of preparations to do.


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Kim Nelson said...

What a happy turn of events!
Here's my contribution to this week's 3WW:

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

I like the way he supports you.Very well written.

Tweety said...

hmmm glad...sometimes we need to take these steps...and may be it is for good na :) good one..

here is mine

little wing writer said...

time can mean so many things as we take baby steps forward.... a lovely story of departure and coming home..

Just someone said...

That's a nice one: got you smiling - did it? :)

Daily Panic said...

leaving is never easy. good post.

Ramesh Sood said...

Good flow..well expressed feelings, keep writing and sharing..thanks..

bunnygirl said...

It must be scary to leave the country for a year. How nice to have such enthusiastic support!

ThomG said...

A year away can be upsetting; I like how he supports you.

Those Random Tales said...

Thanks all, thanks a ton for visiting!!! :)