Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3WW:- Educate, Object, Silence

“Rubbish, what you think you only have the knowledge of entire world?” He shouted.

I looked at him in amusement  and wondered how can a person be so dumb to understand this tiny and so common thing.

Tough I had objection still rather than arguing with an Idiot, I mentained silence to make proper use of my education after all that is what gentle men normally do.

Friday, December 17, 2010

3WW:- Dabble, Lean, Utter

“Why did you lean it from me? Does that mean you don’t believe me enough to tell me about your work any more now?” She stared at him while he was all quite dabbling his lower lip with his tongue.

She looked at me. I was standing by their side, looking at both of them, wondering how the faith and believe flew of two childhood best friends like this. What about their love and trust which everyone used to give examples of?

“Please yaar, calm down, don’t make it a really big issue now.” I thought I should say something. I never saw her this look in last 8 years or since the time I knew her.

“You would not understand this. You were never married.” She said adiing “and I think that is really wise decision.”

They looked at each other, She angrily and he calmly.

“I din’t hide it from you. I just thought will tell you when the right time would come.” He finally spoke softly.

“Don’t you dare to utter a sigle word of lie from your mouth. God! I am so damn sick of you now.” She shoultd and closed the door on our faces leaving us two behind looking at each other.

“I think I should leave now” I said and he nodded to agree.

I left their house wondering that how love and trust fades slowly when you see the reality of life in a manner which you never imagined of. That why they call it "Bitter truth of life"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3WW:-Judge, Nightfall, Safety

Looking out of the door, the fear crept inside slowly,
            Judging the condition in the best manner he could, 
without having any second thoughts in mind,
              He looked around carefully but before the nightfall approached,
He ran for safety and reached in no time.

         What it would be for a kid? The arms of his mother.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3WW:-Demise, Effort, Revival

Tale at An NGO who works to support lonely and still Dependant Women... 

Revived her life was, with pleasure filled around,
We could sense the happiness even from her sound.

Demised her all that pain was in one instant,
Finally She smiled, din't seem even a bit distant,

Our all efforts worked out and turned into reality,
It was nothing else but fate, not any our ability,

She faced a lot and gone through even more,
No one cared for her she thinks ever before,

First time some one looked deep in her empty eyes,
No one she says ever cared for her long silent cries,

We smiled at her, left her behind waving our hands,
There are still places to go ahead and take more stands..