Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3WW:- Advance, Pander, Shuffle

I stepped back and looked into few lives so deep,
Things will be fine soon I believe, then why to weep?

It isn’t always hard to speak out what you feel,
Then why don’t try and not get wounds which can’t heal.

We can’t know things in advance, that we all know is true,
Then can’t we take life as it comes instead of feeling blue?

We were born to keep the hearts safe with us and live on fullest,
Then why to shuffle them instead of spreading love at the earliest?

Juggled hearts and these emotions unfulfilled cause only pain,
Then why can’t we have only what God’s given and let it remain?

Everything will pass; we will have what we supposed to have,
Then why to pander anything really useless even if anyone crave?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3WW:-Clutch, Delight, Happy!!!

Clutching the umbrella tight between her figures she was running at the full speed she could run. It was late evening and she had to reach to her village before it turns dark. 

It was raining heavenly out.  She felt ease from the struggle with each drop of rain went through her face. She felt like flying with every blow of air. 

"This is it" she thought "Now we will get the fruitful results of all our struggle. How delighted every one would be after hearing this??" and she increased her speed.

The way seemed so long which she used to find really short playing around with her cattle. Her all childhood friends used to come there with their cattle. She went in flash back when she really used to feel bad when her all brothers went to school, and being a girl, she couldn't. 

Her society was still very orthodox while rest of the world was celebrating 21st century. What is really going to change for them in this, no one thought. Lots of people came and went, visited their place many times, surveyed a lot but still instead of death of all hopes, nothing else happened.All laws were killed there, as someone was supposed to speak out and no one did. 

Its was a result of real hard struggle of 5 years. Complete 5 years of devotion and sacrifice.  

She was only 4 when Radhika Di 1st came to their village in a survey. She came and never went back. She had a zeal for doing something which really makes a difference and she decided to stay back for them. To do something for them all. She also always wished to be like Radhika Di once she grows up.

The rain had almost stopped. A bit of drizzling was there and a new hope. She almost reached at her village. She could see the lamps twinkling from the last turn. She was breathless by the time she reached at the center where everyone was gathered. They looked at her, with hopes in eyes.

"what happened??" Her father reached her. His voice was trembling with excitement.  

She looked at him but couldn't speak. 

"Someone get some water for her." Someone shouted.

She nodded which meant " Yes."

She drank it slowly, sat down on the earth, looked around at those curious faces and broke into tears. 

"We won!! We won Bapu, We won!! Radhika Di is coming with the legal orders. We won"  She screamed with happiness. 

It was like winning a battle against system. Finally they will be able to study. they were getting a girls school even with those facilities which boys school doesn't have.

They got the school where Girls will be able to study, without any fee.

Their very Own girls School!!! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3WW:- Gesture, Immediate,Treasure

I have a feeling that very soon I'll be far, am gonna fly,
No matter how many walls you build around and high!!!

No doubt I felt special with your every single gesture,

You really gave me countless memories to treasure!!!

I was only always near and immediate next to you,
No matter how tough times you had and went through!!!

But now seems like its really getting tough for me to take,

I really wonder in lives why don't we have any retake!!!

I feel a lump in my throat, a blockage in my thoughts,
Then would it be really very hard to open up all those knots!!!

It better to move out rather than loosing my own self,
I need to be only me now and really don't need any help!!!

You be always happy even if I am not there around,
Just think of me, and I promise you would hear my sound!!!

For 3WW:-

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3WW:-Abrupt, Kernel, Wield

The reaction was abrupt which I never thought of,
Those words were bit wield but really very aloof,
I tried hard to look happy but I knew it was nominal,
How would the life revolve on track if it losts its Kernel?