Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3WW:- Advance, Pander, Shuffle

I stepped back and looked into few lives so deep,
Things will be fine soon I believe, then why to weep?

It isn’t always hard to speak out what you feel,
Then why don’t try and not get wounds which can’t heal.

We can’t know things in advance, that we all know is true,
Then can’t we take life as it comes instead of feeling blue?

We were born to keep the hearts safe with us and live on fullest,
Then why to shuffle them instead of spreading love at the earliest?

Juggled hearts and these emotions unfulfilled cause only pain,
Then why can’t we have only what God’s given and let it remain?

Everything will pass; we will have what we supposed to have,
Then why to pander anything really useless even if anyone crave?


jaerose said...

'Everything will pass'..the best words for me..just let things be...lovely ponderings..Jae

haisley said...

ooh...I also want to know why.....NIce one pal

Nanka said...

The only truth we know in advance is that once we are born on this earth we are sure to encounter death one day.

Donna Hole said...


Well written.