Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3WW:- Gesture, Immediate,Treasure

I have a feeling that very soon I'll be far, am gonna fly,
No matter how many walls you build around and high!!!

No doubt I felt special with your every single gesture,

You really gave me countless memories to treasure!!!

I was only always near and immediate next to you,
No matter how tough times you had and went through!!!

But now seems like its really getting tough for me to take,

I really wonder in lives why don't we have any retake!!!

I feel a lump in my throat, a blockage in my thoughts,
Then would it be really very hard to open up all those knots!!!

It better to move out rather than loosing my own self,
I need to be only me now and really don't need any help!!!

You be always happy even if I am not there around,
Just think of me, and I promise you would hear my sound!!!

For 3WW:-


jaerose said...

It's good to work through thoughts through writing..nicely done..Jae

Ramesh Sood said...

Very beautiful rhyming thoughts.. hey, not a critical comment..but my flow broke with last two lines..yet it sohows what a talent to write you have.. and courage to share.. well done..

ThomG said...

a lovely little piece.

Deborah said...

Feelings well expressed, well done.

Eye-shuh said...

SUch a cute little poem for today.
:) I enjoyed it.

lalita choudhary said...

Thanks People!! :) and Yes!!Surely i would work on my writing skills a bit more.. :) Keep the support up!! Love 3WW!!

Michael Solender said...

you have some nice song lyrics here..

Arian said...

it's a song! i love all of it.

maglomaniac said...

I agree that last two lines have a bit of a different rhyme.But otherwise i liked the way the whole thing progressed.
So we have two submissions from the same author.
Btw the pic on this blog is awesome.


Amity said...

beautiful Arian said, sounds like a song...or is it?

gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful work....

electronically yours

Anonymous said...

I agree, retakes in life would be great! :)

lalita choudhary said...

Not a song, just flow of thoughts or u can say unstable emotions!! Any ways Thank u soo much people!! :)