Saturday, October 23, 2010

True or False!!!

"Guess What!!!" I almost got shocked when Nikhil almost shouted as soon as he entered in office. I was really amazed.

"Dude!!! Whatz wrong with you?? You almost scared me to stop my breathes.., Ok, now, what is the big news you so excited about??" I was really wondering, what has happened to this guy whom I never really seen in any excitement instead of "Women"  since I joined this new place I now work in. and Yes!! Nikhil is that guy, who sits in the cubicle next to mine plus he is 10 years older than me.. Soo...  Pheww!!!

"Guess, I asked who out!!!" and this was it. He again started. His boring and even desperate tales about girls even after being married for 6 years. 

Yes!! He was married with a cute Girl child and really very loving wife but still can not ever control his hormones when ever he meets any new girl out !!! I really pity his wife silently. 

"No point guessing, I hardly paid any attention to any of your those silly stupid tales lately so I really have no idea whom you were eying on so go on, i'll try to bear it once again" and even tough I felt I was really rude, I couldn't help it. 

Obviously, I was a not one of his those "Ohh, Wow!! Awesome Dude, Congrats!!" male pals. I felt really bad for his wife and wished I could help but he never even care to listen to any of my morality lessons so NO USE!!!

And here he started "Ok, So listen, what happened this weekend!! I went to this very ethnic Spa this Saturday and that chic was amazing so obviously I really dint care how lighter this made my pocket. We were discussing things and I asked her about few products n all " and he went on and on and on but the conclusion was He met her again on the very next day and asked for a coffee and the point is  She actually accepted. 

According to him he was being nice because that "Poor lady was going through a very Bad marriage so being nice would have helped her"!!! 

"Dude, would you mind  if your wife helps a man in the even delicate manner who is going through a really Bad S** Life" I wanted to shout but obviously I dint say It. Yeah!! Being only 21 years old is really too young for this conversation!!!

Any ways this very formal "Only Coffee Date" ended with a "Good Night Kiss" after a "Really Classic Chinese Dinner" plus they might go out somewhere really "Private" when they would meet next time. 

I dint understand what should I say to him. I thought I better keep quite so I did. I just smiled weakly and said "Good for You!!!"

It wasn't the first time but some how It left me wondering where our relationships are going now a days. Why do we hurt people we love even knowingly. How would his wife tolerate the pain of being cheated if she comes to know. But obviously, like most of the women she must be thinking her husband is really very working hard late night to give them a better life.

Betrayal of trust and loyalty but yeah, obviously she wouldn't know. How would anyone!! What if my love does the same!! How would I bear!!

I really felt lucky for the first time for having someone who loves me for who I am, what I am, how I am!!!
He loves me even after all the scenes I create sometimes because of my emotional ups and downs.

I loved him for the smiles, happiness and joy he has filled in my life. Tough he hurts me sometimes because of stupid things he does and his Ego but he still has rights to hold my whole life in his hands!!!

It feels really great when You have someone to live for!!! I DO!!!  :) 


Mr Happy said...

well tat man is disgusting...

and last line is nice :) , hope u remain gr8 forever :)

lalita choudhary said...

Hehe!! I know!! :)Almost after every weekend he has something to tell me.. :)