Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3WW:-Fragile, Rampant, Tremor

I ran towards the Taxi stand as soon as I heard that Prachi Di tried to commit suicide. How, When, Why!!! All the thoughts kept creeping in my mind. I really felt a strong Tremor in floor but I had to put myself all together and had to step out. "How did she even not think about Peehu before doing something like it? Who else poor Peehu has except her Mom?? Why did she??" I kept thinking while stepping out of my place. 

And hell!! I could not get a cab.. I cursed the transport system and the traffic of Mumbai and on the top of everything the President was visiting our area so there was huge system as most of the roads were blocked by the police due to security reasons. Any ways tough it took me almost one hour instead of 20 minutes, some how  I managed to reach the hospital. 

And I saw her!! There!! Lying on the bed!! That face I have been looking at for last 6 years!! Calm but dull!! 

I almost broke into tears. Her doctor told me not to wake her up as she just slept. 

"Where is Peehu" I suddenly realized but whom to ask. I thought of asking the doctor if she has any idea and she really knew. Even had enough information to put in my thoughts again. 

"Oh, yeah! Her Dad came and took her with him at his place. I think He knew that you would be coming here so told me to inform you. I am so sorry, it slipped from my mind" She informed me.

"He din't stay here and wait till Prachi di wakes up?? " I was really hurt. How can a person be so stone hearted.

"No, he had some really important work, he said" doctor said and left.

I looked at Prachi Di. She was only 26. A divorced after being in a love marriage against entire society for which worked only for 2 years. Mom of a 5 years old Girl Peehu. 

God!! What all she has seen in these 7 years. Accidental death of Parents. A really bad marriage. Cheated by husband. Leaving home for betterment of her baby's life. Single Mom and now independent woman.

 How she tolerated the rampant anger inside. The questions of the society have been no less. They killed her every day. Tough she tried to be for living her life and giving Peehu a life what every kid dream of...

Living fragile dreams she saw being in love, really has been so tough for her.

But she stood still!! like a rock in front of every problem then why today??? 

What happened now??? 

What reason can be bigger than what she has faced already!!!!

And questions left unanswered with the silence of the Hospital ward in that dark night!!!!

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gautami tripathy said...

Sometimes life just isn't fair. Some can take it. A few can't....


Anonymous said...

Even the strong have weak moments. Everyone has a breaking point.

All Hallow's Eve

umapoems said...

Touching and well written

lalita choudhary said...

Thanks People!!! :)

ThomG said...

Did you mean to post last week's tale again this week?

Those Twisted Tales said...

No Thom!! certainly Not!! Due to technical reasons I couldn't post the new one!! :(