Friday, February 3, 2012

One of those Seven Days..!!

I moved a little further jolted by huge crowd just to have a look at the 'Haryana Swami' Statue. This much religious belief, huge dedication and the surge of emotion I had  never experienced before.

I moved aside and waited for the crowd to scatter so I could have a look at what was so special in the status of 'Haryana Swami'. The occasion was Haryana Swami Yatra in the Harapanahalli Taluk of Davangere District, Karnataka.

That is the fun part of being a journalist. Your work takes you to the places you never even imagined you would go. So going to this Taluk for a week where people only knew only one language ‘Kannada’ was a part of my curriculum at the journo school we LEARN how to be journalists (it seems we are being polished :D).

Anyway so being from north India mostly we come across only two languages ‘Hindi and English’. Knowing a South Indian languages is we do not even dream of so even after being from India itself and being a true Indian by heart; we are treated as if we aren’t a part of it.

Coming back to the Yatra, we were surrounded by like say 5000 people in a very tiny place. Oh yeah and by we, I mean one more colleague of mine who ditched me because of the crowd without even me knowing that we were now apart.

I glanced around but could not locate him. In a strange land with thousands of strangers giving me strange looks thinking that I am some foreigner with my camera who is only visiting to see how poor they were, wasn’t a good feeling trust me.  

I tried to make my way through the crowd, stamped few feet, bumped into few really irritating or let’s say naughty guys but finally reached a place I could  feel safe. 


Mojo Writin' said...

Definitely gave a feeling of being a stranger in a strange land, and I think most of us have felt that, even f we are on normally familiar territory.

oldegg said...

I am sure that not only in India but in every country you know as home there are those moments of not feeling safe. I think that in your case the camera was probably the problem. In others it might be a facial expression. Next time tie yourself to your friend!

Sheilagh Lee said...

that sounds quite scary but it must have been an interesting trip as well