Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Way I Planned!!

 I shut my laptop down and collapsed in the sofa. The results were out of the entrance exam finally and I did not clear it with really good marks. I felt the room getting darken in front of my eyes. I heard so many noises in my head in no time.

“I told you to get admission somewhere this year anyhow and complete your studies. After all we have your responsibility to get you get married.” It was Mom, raising with her eyebrows up with anger.

“It’s your fault entirely. You never tell her anything when she doesn’t study and keeps writing and reading, I don’t know what things,” Dad said slowly with disgust.

I looked stunned. I didn’t know what to say.

“But Dad, I am already working. Getting an MBA degree just for the sake of it is not what I planned for myself and plus you always like what I write. You only say it’s good.” I was really amazed. He always supported me.

“Don’t give silly excuses. This writing some bullshit is not going to take you anywhere. Have you ever thought what you going to do in your life? One can not spend life writing things.” I wished he knew these words would break my heart.

I gave up, n more arguments as my throat chocked. How just few numbers on a paper can decide my future? I had no option but to lock myself in my room, Alone.

I sat down and tears started rolling down.  but then calmed myself down and thought about few coming days. My moist eyes closed themselves as the thought process started.

“Wake up, how long you have sleeping. Your result was supposed to come today, right?” I saw Mom’s face just above my head.

I found myself, lying and dreaming but still on sofa.

I looked at her and smiled. That dream made me decide that I have to prove that its my work can that actually can make a difference, not the big degrees I don't even want to do.

I waited for dad to come home so I can tell him my real plans for the life which I plan to live. 


ThomG said...

a wonderful little story about dreams and reality.

Deborah said...

the life which only I own ... so true, well written!

Keith said...

I followed my way to your page from 3 word wednesdays. I enjoyed your writing. thank you

Just someone said...

You write well! Loved the random tales

Those Random Tales said...

Thank You Everyone for Visiting!! :)